Entering an Era of a New Renaissance. Creating a language of a new crypto context.

In gazing into the lucent past one shall seek their truth in the ambiguous present. In welcoming the glory of art one ought to reveal their ways with modern poetics, as there is poetry in every way. In paying tribute to the times of old, when artistic mastery prospered under the patronage of those savouring the beauty, one can tell their own stories, creating the history of modern humanity. History of the New Renaissance. The Decentralized Renaissance project did not arise out of sheer whim, did it? Thou draw the parallel between the marvelous ages of art and thought and the surreal cryptoworld, thou bethink oneself of bygone creators, and artists, and thinkers, and dreamers searching new ones round the blockchain corners.

As centuries before, we can now once again see favorable conditions being created for artists to discover their new potential. Being an homage to the Renaissance era, the project is divided into several collections paying tribute to the minds that enlightened the epoch. Each collection consists of a certain number of pieces to be revealed at a certain time, keeping in secret the next painting’s character. Each piece hides symbols of the cryptoworld that intersect with historical facts and biographies.

What stirred the minds of the selected few, now finds its ways into talks of the masses. The habits change, the art collecting paradigm shifts, what once belonged to a high-born person, now belongs to the people furrowing the NFT landscape for its treasures.


House of MEDICI

Guild of Artist

Guild of Mystery



A family of power and might, a political dynasty, holding the wealth in their hands and presiding over one’s destiny – those bearing the glorious Medici name could spot a brilliant art piece with their keen eyes closed and secure the talent under their refinement-loving roof.
The first House of Medici NFT to be released Dec. 8 on FOUNDATION

Desire matched what nature’s will decreed: It did not spurn but relished what it had. Lorenzo de‘ Medici

The House of Medici was one of the wealthiest Italian families, with bankers, politicians, popes, and art patrons creating the forceful dynasty. Beginning to gather its power under Cosimo de’ Medici during the first half of the 15th century, the family soon became the synonym of the Renaissance glory.


The Textile Merchant

Member of the Guild of Weavers, made-up thus not so informative


the Medici Bank Founder

Politician, merchant, Italian Renaissance gamechanger


Release date

Dec. 22

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